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Nordic Tugs emphasis is always on quality over quantity

Each Nordic Tug is inspected at every stage to ensure it meets stringent requirements for performance, durability, comfort, silent operation and fuel efficiency. Over 120 components and processes are checked on the hull and deck before the two parts are ever bonded together…and this is only the beginning of Nordic Tugs’ quality assurance. Our vacuum-infusion process creates parts with a precisely controlled amount of resin for exact duplicates in weight, strength and density. And the finishing work is equally meticulous, from the hand-picked hard woods to the wiring harness, called by one reviewer as, “a textbook example of how to do it right.”

Only after the entire boat has been checked and all systems have been run-up at the factory does it have a chance to prove itself at sea.  The Nordic Tugs test crew puts every boat through an extensive protocol of tests and maneuvers in actual sea conditions to insure compliance with all quality standards before it is returned to the plant and prepared for delivery.  It’s the kind of quality you don’t often find today.  There’s still a demand for quality.

 A quality Nordic Tugs confidently backs with a full 10-year hull warranty

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