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    Nordic Tugs

    Bay Breeze Yacht Sales has been in the brokerage business since 2002.

    If buying or selling a Nordic Tug is your goal, we are the best resource for finding your perfect Nordic Tug. Our connection with the Nordic Tug factory allows us to access to past history and original equipment information on previously owned Nordics. Our brokers have a depth of knowledge in the sailing industry and can guide you to moving on from your current vessel or help you purchase your next dream. Bay Breeze Yacht Sales utilizes Yachtworld for our primary multiple listing system and is a member of the Yacht Brokers Association of America, YBAA and one of our brokers is a Certified Professional Yacht Broker CPYB.



  • Introducing Fractional Yacht Sales

    Nordic Tug 54

    Fractional yacht ownership just makes sense.

    A tremendous cost advantage is gained by driving up the utilization rate for an otherwise costly and dramatically underutilized asset. Under professional management, the benefits of fractional ownership carry over into hassle-free Adventure Yachting Excellence, producing a more pleasurable ownership experience.  That makes owning within the Gateway program the lowest cost option for enjoying time on the water, and it’s a better ownership experience as we do all the work while providing top-shelf concierge service.

    More boat, less money, better service.

    Fractional ownership positions are currently offered in two new Nordic Tugs, 26’ and the new 34.  We also offer shares in the all new Nordic Tugs 34, 39, and 49.  Teaming up with Aspen and Nordic Tugs makes sense as they are building high-end safe, efficient, and versatile products. This gives Gateway input into making the fleet of yachts as common as possible so that program members can easily transition from one yacht to another. It also gives Gateway the opportunity to have input into the yacht specifications, making them more desirable for program owners.  Starting with new yachts, and not taking in a pre-owned assortment, means that we have a quality and reliable program from the start, not one that is full of maintenance hassles and many different boat types and corresponding issues. With owner operated yachts, this standard and modern fleet differential is the key to building and maintaining a solid and well deserved reputation for excellence.

    Highlights of Fractional Ownership:

    • Efficient Use of Capital
    • Predictability of your Expenses
    • Better Ownership Experience